What is a squonk mod?

squonk mod

Squonking is a popular vaping style among experienced vapers and beginners alike. A squonk mod is essentially a device that stores e-liquid inside it, allowing you to vape without the need for traditional bottles or tanks. In addition to storing e-liquid, a squonk mod also allows you to easily rebuild coils while still providing a great hit. Plus, there are semi-regulated models that use chips to give you enhanced features such as variable wattage, short circuit protection, on/off switch and more.

What is Squonking?

Squonking is a type of vaping that involves using an electronic device to vaporize e-liquid in an atomizer. The difference between other types of vaping and squonking is that instead of having to fill up a tank or bottle with e-liquid each time you want to vape, the squonk mod has a reservoir inside which holds the e-juice. This allows you to simply press a button on your mod and have it pump the liquid into your atomizer. It’s convenient and efficient!

Do You Need to be Experienced for Squonking?

No, not really. Although experienced vapers may find some additional benefits from using a squonk mod, these devices can also be used by beginners who are just getting started with vaping. If you’re new to this hobby, it can help cut down on the learning curve since you won’t have to worry about refilling your tank every few hours.

Benefits Of Squonking Mods

There are many advantages that come with using squonk mods compared to traditional mods or tanks. For starters, they don’t require any assembly so they’re relatively easy to use right out of the box. Additionally, they make it much easier to rebuild coils as all you need do is press a button and the device automatically pumps juice up into the atomizer.

How To Use A Squonk Mod Properly?

Using a squonk mod properly requires that you pay attention to how often and how long you use it. Try not to put your batteries into loose pockets with metal objects like keys or coins as this can cause them to discharge quickly. It’s also important to make sure that your coil isn’t too dry before pressing the fire button as this could lead to overheating.

The Best Option For Drippers And RDTA Fans

If you’re a fan of dripping or RDTA (Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizers), then squonk mods are definitely what you should be looking at. Not only can they provide excellent flavor but they also make it much more convenient for you since you won’t have to carry around extra bottles in your pocket all day.

What is a squonk mod?

A squonk mod, also known as a bottom-feeding device, is a type of vaping device that utilizes a “squonk” bottle. This bottle contains e-liquid which is fed up to the atomizer via a feed tube connected to the bottom of the bottle. Squonk mods are growing in popularity because they allow vapers to enjoy an increased amount of vapor production and more intense flavor compared to standard vaping devices.

How does a squonk mod work?

Squonk mods work by using an internal rechargeable battery that powers a heating element, or “atomizer,” which converts the stored liquid in the squonk bottle into vapor when activated by pressing a button. The liquid is stored in the bottle until it is ready to be used. It can then be fed up through the feed tube and into the atomizer where it will be heated and converted into vapor for inhalation.

What are the benefits of using a squonk mod?

The main benefit of using a squonk mod is that it allows users to enjoy an increased amount of vapor production and flavor intensity compared to traditional vaping devices. Additionally, due to its larger capacity, users can store more e-liquid than with other types of devices, allowing them to enjoy longer sessions without needing to refill their device as often. As an added bonus, since these devices use internal batteries rather than disposable ones, there is no need for constant battery replacement.

What safety precautions should I take when using a squonk mod?

When using any type of vape device, it’s important to make sure you follow all safety precautions listed on the product packaging and user manual. Additionally, if you’re new to vaping with a squonk mod, it’s best to start off with lower wattage settings until you become more familiar with your device. When charging your device, always use the recommended charger and never leave it unattended while charging.

Are there any special tips for using a squonk mod?

One tip for using your squonk mod safely is to always check the resistance level of your coils and ensure that they match that outlined in your user manual before use. Additionally, if you notice any leaking from your tank or unusual tasting vapor, it may be time for you to replace your coils or atomizer as this can signify deterioration or damage caused by wear and tear over time. Finally, always practice proper maintenance such as regularly cleaning your device components and storing them properly when not in use.


In conclusion, if you’re looking for an easy way to vape without having to constantly refill bottles or tanks then squonking might be right up your alley. They provide superior convenience when compared with other types of vaping setups – plus they look cool too! Just remember always keep safety in mind when using any kind of vaping device.