Jec Diamond 6600 – A Masterpiece of Taste Feast and Visible Design

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A portable box-style disposable vape known for its big puffs, flavour performance, and obvious design is the Jec Diamond 6600. A disposable brand owned by Eoeo Vapes, JEC Vape is well-known for the VIYA, the first pod mod in the industry, which has sold 10 million units worldwide.

Jec diamond 6600


Unique Portable Artwork

You will be taken aback by Jec Diamond 6600’s obvious design, which sets it apart from other disposable goods on the market, when you first see it. It is the ideal option for trend followers since, when held in the hand, it instantly draws attention from the crowd.

Jec diamond bar 6600

You can feel the portable artwork in your hands thanks to the sticker design, which also offers a very comfortable sensory experience for the user.

Powerful Performance, Ultra-Satisfying Flavour

Strength from the inside out. The Jec Diamond 6600 considerably satisfies consumers’ requirement for long-endurance vaping despite its compact size, holding a staggering 12 ml and up to 6600 puffs. 

You’ll discover that Jec Diamond 6600 has incredible and smooth flavour reproduction. It operates amazingly well whether MTL or RDL. In addition, it has a high-performance mesh coil that is powered by a 600 mAh rechargeable battery.

Skin-Friendly Touch, Ergonomic Mouthpiece Design

Jec Diamond 6600 is textured and beautiful. The device’s skin-friendly material provides a wonderful touch. For a more pleasant and natural vaping experience, the ergonomic mouthpiece design matches the lip shape precisely.

Rich Flavors, Choose Your Favourite

The Jec Diamond 6600 offers options for 2% nicotine and more than 12 different flavours. Depending on the regulations of various nations, nicotine content will change.

Jec Diamond 6600 Rechargeable Disposable Vape Kits

Choose from unusual flavours like strawberry mojito, pink lemonade, blueberry raspberry, watermelon bubble gum, energy drink, mango, peach, and watermelon ice. 12 delicious mixed flavours with artistic designs to suit various consumers’ interests.

Satisfied Reviews by Global Users

What is users’ feedback after trying the Jec Diamond 6600?

Many claim that vaping is a comfortable and seamless experience. Excellent taste reproduction and long-lasting consistency are both characteristics of the flavour. The Jec Diamond 6600 is currently favoured by a significant number of users and is thought to be the best throwaway.

Jec diamond 6600 review

Jec diamond 6600 feedback

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WARNING: This product may be used with e-liquid products containing nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.