Idea for new vapers

If you are new vapers or trying vaping for the first time, I recommend trying the Jec 600 puffs vapes. This vape has a smooth taste and low nicotine content, which is easy for beginners to accept.


My favourite is the Jec 600 puffs mint ice flavour. I take a few puffs when I wake up in the morning, and it instantly refreshes me. Or when I go to work, I will also take a few puffs (of course in a place where smoking is allowed), and it will also make me more energetic to work.Vapes are integrated into my life like chewing gum!



If you have been pumping for a while and want to advance, then you can try 2500 puffs. The taste of Jec 2500 puffs vapes will be stronger. It is recommended that you take a small sip when you smoke it for the first time to get used to its taste. Otherwise you risk choking lol. It has a strong taste and I highly recommend this for vapers who like a strong taste.