How much are elf bars wholesale?

elf bars wholesale

Are you trying to find out more about the UK’s leading wholesale elf bars? Knowing how much they cost and where you can get them are essential elements when it comes to understanding the wholesale market. In this article, we will provide an authoritative and positive look at the elf bar wholesalers in the UK, including their prices, quality assurance and customer support.

What is an Elf Bar?

An elf bar is a disposable vape kit that is becoming increasingly popular in the UK. This device allows users to start their vaping journey without feeling anxious or overwhelmed by all the choices available. It also simplifies the process of becoming smoke-free as it requires no charging or refilling. Disposable kits like this make it easier for customers to become smoke-free and can be a great way for stores to attract new vapers.

Where Can I Find Wholesale Elf Bars?

In order to purchase quality elf bars in bulk, one must first find a reputable wholesaler. The Eoeo is one such wholesaler, established in 2018 with a strong emphasis on providing only high quality products and excellent customer service. All stock from Eoeo is fully regulated and orders placed before 2pm qualify for next day delivery.

What Quality Assurances Are Available?

When buying wholesale products, ensuring authenticity is key. Eoeo guarantees true authenticity of all their stock which should give any storeor consumer peace of mind that they are getting what they paid for. Additionally, knowledgeable account managers are available to provide full support to help any store seller succeed in selling elf bars in their store.

Product Training

In order to ensure that all customers have a good experience when using elf bars, Eoeo offers product training sessions so that stores have all the necessary information about elf bars when helping customers find the best product for them. The account managers will also be able to provide bespoke marketing plans to help stores sell more elf bars.

Excellent Customer Support

Eoeo offer excellent customer support from dedicated account managers who are there to help with anything from setting up accounts, placing orders and returning goods. Easy returns processes are also available if needed.

How much does it cost to purchase Elf Bars wholesale?

The exact cost of purchasing Elf Bars wholesale depends on several factors, including the quantity ordered, how often orders are placed, and the wholesaler you buy from. Generally speaking, however, you can expect to pay significantly less for a bulk order than if you were to buy individual units. Depending on your needs, buying in bulk can save up to 40% or even more off the regular retail price.

Are there any discounts offered when buying Elf Bars in bulk?

Yes! Most wholesalers offer discounts for large orders, so be sure to ask what kind of deals they have available. Oftentimes, the larger the order is, the bigger the discount will be. Additionally, some companies offer loyalty programs where you receive additional discounts with each subsequent purchase.

Is there a minimum amount required when ordering Elf Bars wholesale?

Most wholesalers will require a minimum order size before providing a quote or placing an order. This is usually determined by the type of product being sold and the specific supplier you’re working with. Some companies may require orders of 500 units or more while others may start at just 100 units. It’s best to check with the wholesaler ahead of time to find out their minimum order requirements.

What are the benefits of purchasing Elf Bars from wholesalers?

Buying products in bulk directly from wholesalers comes with many advantages. Not only can it save money in the long run, but it also gives businesses access to higher-quality products that may not be available elsewhere. Another benefit is that you have more control over stock levels since items can arrive faster and in larger quantities than if purchased from smaller retailers.

What packaging options are available for purchasing Elf Bars wholesale?

When it comes to packaging options for wholesale purchases of Elf Bars, there are usually two main types: pre-packaged cases and bulk packs. Pre-packaged cases enable buyers to purchase individual bars at a discounted price while still getting all the same nutrition benefits as buying from smaller retailers. Bulk packs allow buyers to get even larger discounts by buying multiple cases at once.


Wholesale elf bars from Eoeo offer great value for money combined with top-notch quality assurance and customer service. With its simple-to-use disposable kits leading the way and guaranteed authenticity of all stock, plus product training and bespoke marketing plans available, there really isn’t much else you could ask for – making Eoeo your go-to place for buying elf bars wholesale.