Explanation on Buy One Get One Free

Many customers have reported that the website says buy one get one free, why did I buy 6 but didn’t get 6, and buy 10 and didn’t get 10.
I’m very sorry for the misinformation on the website.
Let me explain to you!
The discounts on our website are as follows:
Buy any 2 and get £4.99 off, which means buy one and get one free;


Buy any 10 and get £13.9 off, which is the most cost-effective, and only £3.60 each.



Hope this explanation makes you understand.
The above is a discount of 600puffs.

The next thing to introduce is the discount of 2,500puffs. This is our newly launched product with the best price/performance ratio. Whether it is the number of puffs or the price, it is the most advantageous on the market!
Through continuous research and development, we have created 10 new flavours! Everyone is welcome to try it.

To thank our customers, just buy 3 or more of our new products and get a 10% discount. Compared to all products on the market, our price and discount are the most advantageous, this is a must-try product!



Finally, thank you for your continued support!
We will continue to develop new products out!