Does vaping make you fat?

Does vaping make you fat? With the emergence of vape pens, many people are wondering whether vaping can contribute to weight gain.

Does vaping make you fat?

The answer is no. Vaping does not directly cause weight gain. This is because there are no calories in the vapour produced by vape pens, and therefore cannot add any additional calories to your diet. Therefore, it is not possible for vaping to contribute to weight gain.

However, that does not mean that vaping cannot indirectly cause weight gain. For example, if you are using a sweet flavoured e-juice or vape pen, this could lead to an increase in cravings for sugary snacks and drinks. If these snacks and drinks contain high levels of sugar and calories, then they could be contributing to weight gain over time. So while it’s true that vaping itself doesn’t cause fat, it may encourage unhealthy eating habits which can lead to weight gain over time.

It is also important to note that nicotine itself can have an effect on appetite control and metabolism, so if you are using a nicotine-containing vape pen then this could also have an effect on your body weight over time.

Overall, while there is no evidence to suggest that vaping directly causes fat gain, it can indirectly lead to unhealthy eating habits which may contribute to weight gain over time. Therefore, it is important for those who vape to be mindful of their diets and lifestyle choices in order to maintain a healthy bodyweight.