Christmas Special Vape Kit

Since the launch of the Jec Diamond 6600 series, it has received unanimous praise from vapers!
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diamond 6600 review

diamond 6600 review

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In view of the good market response of Jec Diamond 6600, Eoeo Vapes is expected to release a Christmas special kit of Jec Diamond 6600 series in December. This model continues to use the parameters of Jec Diamond 6600, and has a new design in appearance to match the festive atmosphere of Christmas.

Christmas special kit

The packaging of the outer box has also been newly designed, which is more in line with the festive atmosphere of Christmas.

Christmas special vape kit

This Christmas Special Vape Kit won’t be on sale, but that doesn’t mean there’s no way to get your hands on it! Eoeo Vapes will release a Christmas Mystery Box in December. Inside the box must be a Christmas Special Vape Kit 6600, a random flavour of Umi 2500 and a random flavour of Viya 600. Of course, there are not only e-cigarettes in the box, but also Christmas cards and some Christmas gifts. As for what gift it is, please check it on the website later! lol. Expect to sell for £24.99.

Christmas Mystery Box will be packed in a gift box. Exquisite gift box packaging, you can give it to friends or relatives. It is the best choice for gift giving!

Christmas gift box

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