Can you vape with braces?

Vaping is becoming increasingly popular among teens and young adults, but many of them don’t know the potential risks vaping can bring. One of the most important questions they should be asking themselves is whether or not they can vape with braces.

Can you vape with braces?

Having braces on your teeth might make it seem like smoking a vape would be difficult at best and impossible at worst—but this isn’t necessarily true. Vapers with braces need to take special care when using their device; otherwise, serious damage could occur to both the vaper’s teeth and their crystal vape device.

First things first: if you have braces, you’ll want to avoid any type of coil that gets too hot for your mouth when vaping. This means that sub-ohm coils are out of the question since they produce more heat than other types of coils do. Instead, opt for something like an RBA/RDA setup which will allow you to control how hot your coil gets while still getting plenty of flavor from your e-juice. You’ll also want to avoid sweetened juices as these tend to leave a sticky residue behind which can get trapped in between brackets and wires in addition to potentially causing tooth decay due to prolonged contact with sugar molecules present in some flavors!

It’s also important that all vapers—especially those with braces—clean their devices regularly since bacteria buildup can lead to plaque formation around brackets or even cause staining on enamel if left unchecked over time. Cleaning kits specifically designed for crystal vapes are available online so there’s no excuse not take proper care of one’s device!

Finally, it’s essential that all vapers practice safe vaping habits regardless if they have braces or not; this includes taking regular breaks throughout each day (to give yourself time away from nicotine) as well as avoiding chain-vaping which can lead to dehydration and other health issues down the road.

In conclusion, yes – you can absolutely still enjoy vaporizing without being concerned about damaging either your teeth or crystal vape device by following certain guidelines laid out above! With just a few simple precautions taken into consideration before each session begins, anyone who wears metal orthodontic appliances has nothing stopping them from enjoying all sorts of flavorful e-liquids while keeping both themselves and their gear safe along the way!