Can I vape while watching the World Cup?

According to British law, both cigarettes and e-cigarettes are prohibited in public places. But each establishment will have specific places where smoking is allowed.

Within the allowable range, smoking cigarettes is too troublesome and you need to find a trash can and a lighter, and the tank vape kits is too big to carry.

Therefore, the most convenient to carry when going out is the disposable vape pens, which takes up little space and is convenient to carry.

Jec 600 puffs 2 For Only £4.99

Viya 600 this vape kits contains 2% concentration of nicotine salt, and it is small in size and can last for 600 puffs. Fully meet your day’s needs, and at the same time solve your cravings.

Jec Diamond 6600 Rechargeable Disposable Vape Kits

If you want to go out, it is recommended to carry this Diamond 6600. Diamond 6600 contains 2% strength nicotine salts and can last 6600 puffs at the same time.

While smoking, the pipe will also emit light, which is very suitable for creating an atmosphere when camping in the wild. You can also wave the vape kit in your hand while watching the game to support your home team and bring the atmosphere to cheer for your home team.

Let us help the World Cup and cheer for our home team!