Can I vape at the Six Nations 2022? UK venue information

Kicking off on the 5th with Ireland vs Wales, the Six Nations has five rounds and runs all the way through to March 19th, providing some much-needed joy to get us through the last days of winter.

Fixtures will take place across six stadiums belonging to the nations involved – England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, France and Italy. If you’re lucky enough to be going, you may well be wondering one crucial question – where can you vape at these venues? Below, we’ll look at the three UK stadiums involved to get you your answer.

Can I vape at the Six Nations?

Twickenham Stadium, London

Twickenham has a strict no smoking or vaping policy – as stated in their ground rules:

‘Please be advised that Twickenham Stadium is now a completely non-smoking Stadium. The smoking of cigarettes, e-cigarettes or vaporisers is not permitted anywhere within the green perimeter fence line of the stadium. Where there is the provision of a West Fan Village or where re-entry is allowed, smoking within the external areas of the fence line is permitted.’


Therefore, if you wish to vape or smoke at Twickenham games, you will need to do so before entering or after leaving the stadium complex.

Principality Stadium, Cardiff

While the Principality Stadium’s website only mentions smoking, it’s strict no smoking policy suggests that vaping may also not be welcome:

‘Please be advised that Principality Stadium is now a completely non-smoking Stadium. Smoking is not permitted anywhere within the Stadium.’

BT Murrayfield Stadium, Edinburgh

Smoking was banned in Murrayfield stadium in 2004, and regulations have since been updated to reflect vaping too. The Scottish Rugby website says:

‘Smoking (including e-cigarettes) is not allowed within the seating deck and stadium concourses.’

Based on these findings, you would probably be safest assuming that vaping is not allowed anywhere in any of the UK’s Six Nations venues. However, for some events you may be able to leave the venue to vape before re-entering, and of course there will be plenty of opportunity for vaping before you enter the stadium and once you leave.

For more information, get in touch with the individual venues.

How vapers should prepare for a day at the Six Nations

If you are heading out for a day of fun at the Six Nations and want to make sure your vape lasts the outing, make sure you plan ahead. This means making sure you take your disposable pen kits before you set out. Our disposable pen kits can take more than 600 puffs, which is enough to support whole day. Of course, you can bring different flavors of disposable vapes. You can also share with your friends.

Be aware Twickenham and Murrayfield both have no-bag policies, meaning any vape paraphernalia you bring will need to be carried on your person. At Cardiff’s Principality Stadium, you can take in a bag as long as it is smaller than 35cm x 40cm x 19cm, however, security may ask to check the contents on entry.

We hope this has been useful for any vapers attending the Six Nations. Good luck, and may the best team win!