Can I vape at Cheltenham Festival 2022?


Can I vape at Cheltenham Festival 2022?

If you’ll be attending the Cheltenham Festival this March and are wondering about the vaping rules, we’ve got you covered. Get the lowdown here.

One of the biggest horse racing events in the UK, with over a quarter of a million people set to attend, the Cheltenham Festival 2022 is now just around the corner!

A tradition since 1860, this historic event will see everyone from racing connoisseurs to those who fancy getting dressed up and chancing their luck on some horses flock to Gloucestershire from the 15-18th March.

But, if you’re going, you may well be wondering whether you can vape while on the Cheltenham Festival grounds. Read on to learn the answer.

Can you vape at Cheltenham Festival 2022?

While you are not allowed to vape on the public steps and seated public balconies of the grandstand, including the likes of Insurance seats, Guinness Grandstand, etc., vaping is permitted in other outdoor areas. If you are unsure which areas are vape friendly, it’s always best to check with a member of staff.

Don’t forget to take your disposable pen kits! Whilst it is good to know you can vape in some areas of Cheltenham Racecourse, if you want your vape to last you the day, make sure to take your disposable pen kits. Our disposable pen kits can take more than 600 puffs, which is enough to support whole day. Of course, you can bring different flavors of disposable vapes. You can also share with your friends.

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What to look forward to at the Cheltenham Festival?

With high-stakes prize money, a lively atmosphere, and the potential for some spring sunshine, Cheltenham Festival 2022 is set to be a good one. The four days will include 28 races, with the final day – the Gold Cup Day – often attracting the biggest crowd. As well as the racing, there will also be live music, luxury dining, and an entire shopping village.

It’s worth bearing in mind that the Cheltenham racecourses operate on a mostly cash-free basis, with the exception of the on-course betting facilities.